50 Fascinating Facts about South Korea. South Korea is a country that is located in East Asia. The official name for the country is the Republic of Korea. A population of over 51 million makes this the 27th largest country in the world based on population. The country has a total area of 38,690 square miles.

Find More Facts About the Korean War. The Korean War – Read about the Korean War on the George Washington University website.; How the Korean War Started – Discover what started the Korean War on the TIME website.; Korean War (1950-1953) – Learn more about the Korean War on the NHHC website. The Korean War and Its Origins – Explore the origins of the Korean war on the Harry S. Truman Korea | Encyclopedia.com and Japan have invaded the country often. The twentieth century also brought Korea tremendous upheaval, such as the Japanese occupation (1910–1945), the Korean War (1950–1953), the partition of the country (1953–present), and the foreign-exchange crisis in 1997. Korea and the Korean family are both in a period of transition. Interesting facts about South Korea | Just Fun Facts

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Jan 31, 2019 · Here are some interesting tidbits that might make you want to go to Korea to discover more fun facts on your own! 1. 20% of Koreans share the same surname. The most common last name is Kim, followed by Lee, then Park. 2. South Korea has the highest rate of plastic surgeries per capita in the world. 3.

Seoul is the capital and largest city in South Korea.. The official name of the city is the Seoul Special Metropolitan City.. Seoul is situated in the northwest part of South Korea on the Han River.. As of January 2017, the population of Seoul is 10,197,604 people.. The sprawling metropolitan area is much larger at 25.6 million people – the 5th most populous in the world.