Proxy arp is a nice feature to have when you're making changes in the network and need things to keep working along the way. It's real easy to use on a Cisco or Juniper router but there are a few caveats when using the feature on pfSense. To understand what proxy arp does, think of the following situation:

pfSense สามารถใช้งานกับหลายๆ public IP ได้ โดยนำไอพีเหล่านี้ไปใช้งานกับ NAT มีการทำ Virtual IP อยู่ด้วยกัน 3 แบบ คือ Proxy ARP, CARP และ other แต่ละประเภทมี pfSense 2.3 - Curso Grátis - Aula 10 - Como realizar NAT Jun 09, 2016 rbgarga (Renato Botelho) · GitHub Proxy ARP daemon C. pkg. Forked from freebsd/pkg. Package management tool for FreeBSD. Help at #pkgng on Freenode or C. prezto. Forked from sorin-ionescu/prezto. The configuration framework for Zsh pfsense/FreeBSD-ports 28 commits pfsense/pfsense 19 commits freebsd/freebsd-ports-kde 1 commit

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If you need more addresses, add more Proxy ARP (identical to the one you have already setup above), and the appropriate Port forwarding rules Double check if pfSense has added the equivalent filter rules and finally don't forget to setup the required outbound NAT rules to link your internal LAN address to the one you have setup in your Proxy ARP configuration. How to setup a Proxy Server Using pfSense Oct 12, 2013 How to set up a web server accessible via a public IP on