This laptop keeps dropping internet. Says "no internet service" even though there IS internet service. I had my internet provider come out and check all their equipment and everything is up to date, working and giving me fast speed. That confirms it is this laptop. I have made no changes to the laptop and this has been happening since I purchased.

Try these fixes: Method 1: Power cycle your devices. Power cycle can always fix lots of Internet, software and other woes. When your Method 2: Update your network adapter software. An incompatible or outdated network adapter software can also cause your Method 3: Check your power settings. If Troubleshooting Tips As already mentioned, plug out and plug all the wires into your modem and router. If it is a wireless Internet connection, try using a wireless signal booster. If your Internet connection is slow and your Internet keeps freezing, disconnect one or more computers from the

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Jul 23, 2020 · When your internet keeps dropping, problem with the wireless Router (essentially the driver for the router) is one of the most common causes. You will often hear – router keeps dropping internet. Unless you’re using a really old wireless Router, it’s more than likely that an old wireless card driver is the cause of this.

Internet problems – Simple Master Socket checks. So your Internet keeps dropping out and you’ve had the problem for ages, but have just put up with it. Remember your service provider charges you rental for your Broadband Internet connection and if you can’t use it, you are wasting money! Help! This internet connection monitor will alert you to failures in your internet connection and record their exact time and length. This info will help your internet provider troubleshoot the problem – after it helps you convince them it’s not your imagination! Sep 19, 2014 · Then later on throughout the evening it completely drops out, says no internet access. Then doesn't come online until 10ish the next morning. They say we are the only ones having problems on the line.