Messenger is uninstalled: After tapping, a pop-up will generate, ask you to uninstall just tap on “OK”. It will take some time in uninstalling the messenger, wait for a while and then go back to your home screen, search the messenger icon.

How to uninstall Google messages? 0 Recommended Answers 4 Replies 60 Upvotes. Tried to uninstall, by sliding upwards towards trash can. It was removed off my screen and showed disabled on my Google hangout and messenger . Just those two and it won't allow me to uninstall them either . How to Uninstall and Delete Facebook Messenger Apr 15, 2018 3 Ways to Uninstall Facebook Messenger - wikiHow On iPhone: Find the Facebook Messenger app icon. This app icon resembles a blue speech bubble … Completely Uninstall and Remove Google-Talk-Messenger

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How to Uninstall Facebook App Right Now | Delete Facebook App Jul 09, 2020 App for Messenger™ - Chrome Web Store - Google Chrome App for Messenger™ (Facebook™ Messenger) is the easiest way to open and use Messenger from your desktop machine (PC, MAC or Linux). Clicking on the toolbar button, renders Messenger in a standalone UI. Moreover, the window is re-sizable to your desired choice and … What Happens When You Uninstall Facebook and Messenger Apr 25, 2019 How to uninstall bloatware and preinstalled Android apps